The South Australian Government is committed to ensuring that effective arrangements are in place to protect our communities and people through a coordinated approach.

The South Australian State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) sets out the state’s comprehensive emergency management arrangements. The aim of the SEMP is to ensure that the state has effective arrangements in place to protect our communities and people. It provides a comprehensive, coordinated approach to emergencies across all sectors of the community, including state and local government, business, the non-government sector and individuals.

The SEMP is a series of documents that provides an outline of emergency management in South Australia. It is split in to four parts, some of which have subordinate documents and annexes.

Part 1: Executive Overview

Provides a strategic overview of the state’s arrangements for senior executive and community information.

Download the Executive Overview.

Part 2: Emergency Management Arrangements

Provides the overarching details of the arrangements and structures in place to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

Download the Emergency Management Arrangements.

Part 2 Annexes and Subordinate Documents:

Part 3: Supporting Guidelines and Frameworks

Contains the guidelines and frameworks developed to detail the practices for key aspects of emergency management. These guidelines and frameworks provide guidance regarding the development of arrangements, administrative functions and plans.

Download the Supporting Guidelines and Frameworks

Part 3 Annexes and Subordinate Documents:

Part 4: Supporting Plans

Contains standards required of the various levels of detailed plans for implementing the arrangements, including naming conventions, review guidance and templates. It also includes the suite of supporting plans for implementing the arrangements.

Download the Supporting Plans.

Part 4 Annexes and Subordinate Documents:

  • The supporting plans are currently hosted on GovDex. If you have issues accessing these documents please contact us

Reviewing and maintaining the Plans

The State Emergency Management Committee ensures that the SEMP is subject to a full review every five years. Ongoing updates and continual improvement occur on a regular basis.

Proposals to amend, review or update the SEMP are managed by the State Emergency Management Committee Secretariat within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Any changes are approved by the State Emergency Management Committee.

Inquiries should be directed to:



State Emergency Management Committee Secretariat
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 2434