The department plays a unique role in strengthening the state’s counter terrorism, crisis resilience and emergency management.

Our Security and Emergency Management team provides leadership, coordination and guidance in the implementation of cross-agency responses to emergency management and security issues and initiatives.

This includes managing the operations of the State Crisis Centre and providing administrative support to the Emergency Management Council and the State Emergency Management Committee.

The Emergency Management Council is chaired by the Premier and meets bimonthly to ensure overarching strategic coordination of emergency management across the state.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is chaired by our Chief Executive and provides leadership and oversight of emergency management planning in South Australia, including the preparation and review of the State Emergency Management Plan.

The SEMC Strategic Framework 2017-2022 and SEMC Strategic Plan 2017-2022 guide the priority tasks and actions of SEMC and its sub-committees, in delivering state-level strategies and initiatives.

During a major emergency or disaster the Premier or the State Crisis Centre Executive may request activation of the State Crisis Centre to support Ministerial oversight of the event. The State Crisis Centre links with the Commonwealth Crisis Coordination Centre to share information and seek support where required.


Security and Emergency Management team
Department of the Premier and Cabinet