Our Protocol Unit provides advice on all matters of protocol including honorific styling.

To assist people in how to formally address our head of state, members of Government and the Judiciary in writing or at events and functions, the team have developed a Guide to Titles and Forms of Address.

Using the title ‘Honourable’?

In South Australia, parliamentarians serving in the following capacities are entitled to use the prefix ‘The Honourable’ in addition to their title:

  • the Premier
  • Ministers
  • President of the Legislative Council
  • Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  • Members of the Legislative Council.

The Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court are also eligible to use the title ‘Honourable’ following their appointment.

The Governor may approve the continued use of the title for Members of Parliament and the Judiciary upon leaving office under certain circumstances.

Who can award the title ‘Honourable’

The Governor of South Australia has authority to award the title ‘Honourable’ to certain Members of Parliament and the Judiciary. The use of this title is administered by the Parliament of South Australia and our Protocol Unit.

For more information or advice on matters of official procedure, please contact our Protocol team directly.


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