The Department of the Premier and Cabinet helps to implement the government's National Competition Policy, by assisting agencies and the community in responding to and resolving complaints.

The National Competition Policy is based on the principle that government-owned companies should not enjoy a competitive advantage over private businesses operating in the same market, simply as a result of their public sector ownership.

The policy was developed in the early 1990’s and is considered one of Australia’s landmark microeconomic reforms.

All government departments are required to apply the principles of competitive neutrality to their business activities and review anti-competitive legislation.

The Treasury assists government agencies to identify their significant business activities and apply the competitive neutrality principles to their activities.

Information for government agencies

Competitive Neutrality Guidelines

Competition Commissioner Investigations

Legislation Review Guidelines


Graham Cooper - Competitive Neutrality complaints
Deputy Director
Cabinet Office
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Phone:  842 95113

Adam Pamula - Competitive Neutrality implementation
Director Account Management
Budget, Analysis and Performance
Treasury and Finance
Phone: 842 90804