Cabinet processes are currently under review; information, guides, and templates on this site may not be current. Updated information will be provided as soon as possible.

The Electronic Cabinet Online (ECO) system is an electronic process for managing the business of Cabinet and Executive Council.

It enables a secure system for lodgement, access to and retention of Cabinet documents. It also provides agencies with the processes for receiving, distributing and providing comments on Cabinet submissions.

Access to ECO

New users of the ECO system need the approval of the Chief Executive (for agency staff) and Chief of Staff (for ministerial staff) to access the system. Access is limited to those who genuinely need it to perform their duties.

Authorised ECO system users must ensure the confidentiality of information is maintained and not disclose the information to any unauthorised internal or external source.

There are separate forms requesting for accessing, modifying and deleting user access to ECO for Ministerial offices and departments.

ECO manual and Office Engine instructions

Separate user manuals for Ministerial offices and departments are available for the ECO system. Instructions for how to use Office Engine within ECO are also available.