Cabinet committees and taskforces are established by the Premier and approved by Cabinet to deal with specific matters of ongoing importance.

Cabinet committees consider strategic policy directions on major issues before referring them to Cabinet.

Refer to the contact list of Cabinet committee executive officers (statenet access only) for further enquiries or email Cabinet Office if you cannot access this information.


Use the Cabinet submission template for proposals seeking approval from the committee or taskforce, and submit with a Cabinet Office comment and Department of Treasury and Finance costing comment.

Submissions should be marked: FOR CABINET COMMITTEE/TASKFORCE.

Use a Cabinet note template when bringing a matter to a committee or taskforce for noting or information.

Submissions should be marked: FOR CABINET COMMITTEE/TASKFORCE TO NOTE.

A strategic discussion template is available from the executive officer of each committee or taskforce for items requiring more in-depth consideration and discussion.

All templates for submissions can be accessed via statenet or by emailing Cabinet Office and Public Value if you do not have statenet access.


Papers must be lodged five business days prior to a meeting and circulated at least three business days prior to the meeting unless the chair approves late distribution.

Each committee or taskforce may develop a process for dealing with out-of-session papers.

Where an agenda item is a submission, minutes must record a decision against each recommendations.