There are a number of steps for minister’s offices to lodge a Cabinet submission or Cabinet note. These vary depending on the item and whether it is on-time (lodged in normal timeframes) or late.

Submissions and notes must be registered in the electronic Cabinet system by 2pm on the Friday, 10 days before the Cabinet meeting. Any item that does not meet that timeframe is considered late.

For 'on-time' items

For most items, the first step is to have the item approved for inclusion on the Cabinet forward agenda, using the Authority to Bring Item Forward form. The exceptions are:

  • Cabinet notes
  • appointments (submissions and notes)
  • increases to fees and charges that are equal or less than the annual approved increase
  • remaking expiring regulations
  • matters dealing with national laws
  • submissions dealing with the second step of the two step process.

Completed and signed authority forms are emailed to the Cabinet Secretary for his consideration.

Authority forms may be approved, approved in-principle subject to considerations, or not approved, and the decision will be advised via email. You should allow a minimum two business days for this process.

The next step is to obtain Cabinet Office and Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) costing comments. You should allow a minimum of seven business days for the comments.

If your item is an appointment, the next step is to submit a draft version of the submission to Cabinet Office for review.

The final step is to lodge the submission and supporting documentation with Cabinet Office. You must lodge the submission electronically, attaching the Cabinet Office and DTF costing comments as well any attachments. If the item is for new or amended regulation you must also provide in hard copy:

  • two sets of each regulation
  • A Certificate of Validity (prepared by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel)
  • A Certificate of Early Commencement (if applicable) (prepared by the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel)
  • 14 copies of the Legislative Review Committee report.

For 'late' items

The first step is to obtain approval of the Cabinet Secretary for the item to be late. Use the ‘Authority to bring item forward form, indicating the item will be late and outlining the business critical reason. All late items must be approved by the Cabinet Secretary.

You should only seek approval to lodge a late item when the item has been signed by the submitting minister and you have obtained the Cabinet Office and DTF costing comment.

Strategic discussion items (Thursday Cabinet)

Strategic discussion items are not lodged with Cabinet Office but are tabled by the minister at the meeting (bring 16 copies).