Cabinet Advice responds to issues of interest to the Premier and Cabinet Ministers; complex policy matters; and coordination of services for the effective and efficient functioning of Cabinet and Executive Council.

Cabinet Advice aims to maximise the quality of submissions being considered by Cabinet. This is done by resolving as many issues as possible, and ensuring all relevant ministers and agencies have been consulted before a submission reaches Cabinet, so that discussions in Cabinet can be lifted to key political and strategic matters rather than minor or process concerns.

Cabinet Advice policy officers review Cabinet submissions, notes and committee submissions and provide advice to the Premier as matters come before Cabinet. Policy officers also provide advice to agencies about Cabinet processes or on upcoming projects or submissions.

Cabinet Coordination manages the procedural, logistical and operational matters to support the functions of Cabinet and Executive Council. This ensures the business presented to Cabinet and Executive Council conforms to the requirements articulated in Cabinet Guides and Premier and Cabinet Circulars. Cabinet Coordination is the custodian of Cabinet and Executive Council records and manages the Electronic Cabinet Online (ECO) system.