Department of the Premier and Cabinet

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Boards and committees

The department plays a role in overseeing and reporting to Parliament on South Australian Government boards and committees. About...

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Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office plays an important role in supporting the Premier as Chair of Cabinet, the Governor in Executive...

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Competitive Neutrality

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet helps to implement the government's National Competition Policy, by assisting agencies...

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Digital Government

The Department's ICT and Digital Government division champions the government's commitment to digital innovation. The division works with agencies...

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Government Communications

Alongside legislation, regulation and taxation, communication is one of the four main levers of policy delivery. Communications seeks...

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Information Sharing Guidelines

The Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG) for promoting safety and wellbeing provide a practical framework for appropriate information sharing...

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Intergovernmental Relations

The department works to achieve healthy, safe and economically secure communities in South Australia by directly and indirectly...

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International Engagement

Positioning South Australia as an outward looking economy – open to new people and investment opportunities - is...

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Ministerial Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Ministerial Code of ConductOur Ministers of Government are in positions of great trust, given to them by the...

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Premier and Cabinet Circulars

Premier and Cabinet circulars are used to establish whole of government policies and often include an instruction or...

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Protocol Advice

Our Protocol Unit provides expert advice and support in matters of government protocol and official procedure and are...

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Security and Emergency Management

The department plays a unique role in strengthening the state’s counter terrorism, crisis resilience and emergency management. Our Security...

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Strategic Engagement Advice

The Engagement Team leads a range of across government initiatives that give the community avenues to engage in...

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White Ribbon Accreditation

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is officially recognised by White Ribbon Australia as a White Ribbon Workplace.

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