Interpreting and Translating Policy

More than 270,000 South Australians speak a language other than English. Of these, Australian indigenous languages are spoken by 3,355 people and non-verbal (sign) languages are used by almost 1,000 people.

The South Australian Interpreting and Translating Policy for Migrant and Non-Verbal (Sign) Languages aims to ensure that speakers of languages other than English are not disadvantaged when accessing or receiving South Australian Government services and information.

This overarching policy requires each South Australian Government agency to have its own interpreting and translating policy that considers when and how it will:

  • engage interpreters, bilingual staff and preferred models of interpreting
  • procure interpreting and translating services and preferred providers
  • utilise family and friends for interpreting assistance
  • apply its policy to the organisations it funds.

Multicultural Affairs is available to support South Australian Government agencies in the implementation of their own policy and can provide relevant fact sheets upon request.

For more information please contact Multicultural Affairs.