Events published in the calendar should be held within South Australia, contribute to Multicultural Affairs' vision, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • provide opportunities for people to come together and celebrate, learn and support culture and diversity in South Australia
  • strengthen the sense of belonging for South Australians of diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and religions
  • promote and encourage community cohesion, harmony and acceptance of cultural diversity
  • support education and awareness of and for people from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • provide information about cultural diversity in South Australia
  • provide opportunities to foster a greater understanding of South Australia’s cultural diversity.


Please be aware the following conditions apply to all submissions:

  • Multicultural Affairs may edit calendar submission content at its discretion
  • events submitted and event details may also be used for other Multicultural Affairs communications and promotions, for example but not limited to, social media and e-newsletters (personal and private details will not be shared or published elsewhere without permission)
  • events submitted will not automatically be republished to appear in the following years (it is the responsibility of the community making the submission to enter the event annually or at a future time, if required).
  • the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s disclaimer applies.

Upon receipt of calendar submissions, the department will process and publish entries within five working days of receipt. If we are unable to publish the entry or have any queries, the department will contact the person who made the submission.

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