The voice of the customer

Every day, thousands of South Australians interact with government services – whether they are driving on a public road, attending a state school or hospital, or visiting our state galleries and museums.

Engaging and actively listening to our customers is important to us, as it provides us with a rich source of information to help us improve our services.

For the first time, the South Australian Government has a baseline customer satisfaction score and benchmark of performance against other jurisdictions.

How are we tracking?

Bar graph showing satisfaction score of SA 7.4In 2016, 7.4 out of 10 consumers and 7 out 10 businesses were happy with the quality of South Australian Government services.When benchmarked against against New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Canada and the United Kingdom, only three basis points separated South Australia from the top-rated jurisdiction, Queensland.

The survey found, the South Australian Government has a positive brand perception when compared to other industries, such as energy retailers, telecommunications providers, and the Federal Government.

However, we can always do better, and now we have a baseline to work from.

The biggest opportunities for improvement are around better handling of complaints and providing digitised services wherever possible.

The results reflect the success of South Australia’s Digital by Default strategy, where customers who have accessed services online have higher satisfaction rates than those who have used other channels. This is linked to shorter wait times and simpler processes.

Improving the customer’s experience of how we handle complaints, will have a positive impact on our future overall satisfaction score. Customers who had their complaints handled well and found the process easy, expressed higher than average satisfaction.

Graph showing satisfaction by how well complaint was handled

What are we doing now?

Moving forward, Service SA’s focus will be on improving the simplicity and efficiency of government processes and employee performance, as these factors are predictably the key to influencing overall customer satisfaction.

Agencies across government are working together to share best-practice on customer experience, including use of the Common Measurement Tool to develop a consistent approach to complaint handling and agency-level customer satisfaction measurement.

A new online portal will go live on early in 2017, giving customers access to a whole-of-government complaints and feedback channel, which will direct comments to the responsible agency to follow-up.

Service SA has also developed and published a suite of tools around customer intelligence to help agencies adopt best practice in customer service.

We are listening to our customers, and to support improved monitoring and performance the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Survey will be conducted every year.

Feedback on 23 different types of government services will be collected and shared across government – including in the areas of education and training, justice, health, family and community services, business and trade services, consumer information, transport, utilities, arts and leisure, and planning and environment.