The Government of South Australia’s vision is to source, generate and control more of the state’s power supply.

We are implementing South Australia’s energy plan, which will increase self-reliance and provide reliable, competitive and clean power into the future.

Commencing the energy security target has been delayed until 1 January 2020.

Since announcing the energy security target in March 2017, a number of significant changes have occurred in the energy market that are delivering system security outcomes in South Australia. These include changes in the National Electricity Market, such as the Australian Energy Market Operator's requirement to have at least three synchronous generators operating in South Australia at all times, and announcements by private generators that will boost synchronous generation capacity in the State.

Modelling from Frontier Economics also indicates that a more competitive energy market needs to be operating to lower power prices. By deferring the introduction of the energy security target to 2020, it will be more effective at putting downward pressure on power prices.

The state government sought feedback on the legal framework to establish the energy security target. Consultation closed on 26 May 2017.

All submissions to the consultation process were assessed and any matters raised during the process were considered in finalising the regulations.

As a high level response to submissions, the Department notes:

  • Renewable energy generators that provide a level of dispatchable electricity and system security services will be eligible for participation in the energy security target.
  • Technology can be installed at existing and new renewable energy generators to satisfy dispatchability and system security service requirements.
  • Frontier Economics analysis shows the energy security target will create more wholesale market competition and put downward pressure on prices, offsetting the direct costs of the scheme.

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