The department assists the government to deliver better services to South Australians by making it easy for business and the community to engage in and contribute to the development of government policy and decision-making.

The department manages YourSAy, the whole of government online consultation hub that allows South Australians to provide input on policy development, implementation and service delivery. Over 114, 000 South Australians have registered to be involved in current consultation opportunities and can review the outcomes of past engagements.

You can take part in online discussions, complete a survey or even vote in polls, depending on what the topic is.

The Better Together principles underpin the government’s approach to community engagement and are used to plan and deliver programs and initiatives in collaboration with business, industry and the university sector.


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Business hours
Monday to Friday 8.45am – 5.00pm excluding public holidays

Wakefield House
277 Wakefield Street
Adelaide SA 5000