Premier and staff mobile phone costs

June 2017PDF, 322KB
May 2017PDF, 43KB
April 2017PDF, 82KB
March 2017PDF, 82KB
February 2017PDF, 48KB
January 2017PDF, 216KB
December 2016PDF, 43KB
November 2016PDF, 44KB
October 2016PDF, 48KB
September 2016PDF, 42KB
August 2016PDF, 42KB
July 2016PDF, 83KB

Premier and staff credit card expenditure

Month Total costDocument
June 2017$153.30PDF, 31KB
May 2017$968.48PDF, 37KB
April 2017$494.20PDF, 31KB
March 2017$288.10PDF, 31KB
February 2017$194.00PDF, 78KB
January 2017$102.00PDF, 29KB
December 2016$105.40PDF, 28KB
November 2016$162.50PDF, 44KB
October 2016$427.40PDF, 40KB
September 2016$793.00PDF, 41KB
August 2016 $907.20PDF, 37KB
July 2016 $62.80PDF, 28KB

Premier and staff ancillary office expenditure

Month Total costDocument
June 2017$326.70PDF, 45KB
May 2017$2049.40PDF, 46KB
April 2017$494.20PDF, 45KB
March 2017$741.10PDF, 46KB
February 2017$1007.70PDF, 185KB
January 2017$397.00PDF, 44KB
December 2016$3033.31PDF, 46KB
November 2016$1941.20PDF, 48KB
October 2016$219.10PDF, 50KB
September 2016$599.05PDF, 45KB
August 2016 $816.10PDF, 44KB
July 2016 $903.15PDF, 46KB

Premier and staff domestic/regional travel expenditure

Month Total costDocument
June 2017$9008.01PDF, 2767KB
May 2017$23,221.16PDF, 1961KB
April 2017$4049.97PDF, 1160KB
March 2017$5119.92PDF, 687KB
February 2017$3378.82PDF, 3MB
January 2017$1952.86PDF, 935KB
December 2016$9540.10PDF, 28KB
November 2016$14,013.94PDF, 48KB
October 2016$4077.54PDF, 421KB
September 2016$5314.70PDF, 9.3MB
August 2016 $8503.10PDF, 923KB
July 2016 $2640.59PDF, 161KB

Premier and staff overseas travel expenditure

Month Total costDocument
June 2017$12,514.10PDF, 772KB
May 2017$26,144.80PDF, 5MB
April 2017NILPDF, 31KB
March 2017NILPDF, 31KB
February 2017NIL PDF, 163KB
January 2017NILPDF, 31KB
December 2016NILPDF, 68KB
November 2016NILPDF, 1.93MB
October 2016$34,510.59PDF, 967KB
September 2016$32,367.67PDF, 2.1MB
August 2016 NILPDF, 241KB
July 2016 NILPDF, 240KB