The department proactively discloses information that is frequently requested under Freedom of Information, such as the Premier and ministerial staff's expense records.

The following expense records are itemised by month and archived at the end of the financial year.

Premier and staff mobile phone costs

January 2019PDF, 85KB
December 2018PDF, 84KB
November 2018PDF, 255KB
October 2018PDF, 58KB
September 2018 PDF, 52KB
August 2018 PDF, 53KB
July 2018 PDF, 45KB

Premier and staff credit card expenditure

Month Total costDocument
February 2019$1574.46PDF, 103KB
January 2019$1766.91PDF, 102KB
December 2018$1822.91PDF, 105KB
November 2018$1261.71PDF, 101KB
October 2018$2257.05PDF, 106KB
September 2018 $1873.91PDF, 105KB
August 2018 $719.93PDF, 70KB
July 2018 $2797.79PDF, 78KB

Premier and staff ancillary office expenditure

Month Total costDocument
February 2019$510.85PDF, 57KB
January 2019NILPDF, 95KB
December 2018$3317.20PDF, 111KB
November 2018$5069.57PDF, 36KB
October 2018$808.39PDF, 31KB
September 2018$166.65PDF, 35KB
August 2018 $492.00PDF, 31KB
July 2018 $1638.40PDF, 32KB

Premier and staff domestic/regional travel expenditure

Month Total costDocument
February 2019$8098.08PDF, 1100KB
January 2019$12,029.00PDF, 181KB
December 2018$1194.84PDF, 544KB
November 2018NIL PDF, 35KB
October 2018$6130.62PDF, 3MB
September 2018 $7363.73PDF, 628KB
August 2018 $1175.42PDF, 309KB
July 2018 $6033.66PDF, 619KB

Premier and staff overseas travel expenditure

Month Total costDocument
February 2019NILPDF, 77KB
December 2018NILPDF, 41KB
November 2018NILPDF, 41KB
October 2018$28,160.79PDF, 11MB
September 2018 NILPDF, 33KB
August 2018 NILPDF, 30KB
July 2018 $24,452.25PDF, 6MB

Record of expenditure archive

2017/18 financial year expenditure

2016/17 financial year expenditure

2015/16 financial year expenditure