We acknowledge that the information government holds is a valuable public resource, and that a better informed community can participate more effectively in government processes and contribute to better policy and decision-making.

As a department we are committed to being open and accountable, ready to inform and engage with citizens and encourage public participation.

Information held by the department can be accessed in a number of ways.

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 the public can request access to information and documents held by the department.

Learn more about the Act, and how to make a Freedom of Information request.

A log detailing all non-personal Freedom of Information applications determined after 1 October 2017, can be found on the Freedom of Information page.

Cabinet Documents

Cabinet documents over 10 years old can be applied for from the Department of Premier and Cabinet under its “Ten Year Rule” policy.

Learn more about the policy, and how to make an application for Cabinet documents.

Charter Letters: Letters from the Premier to Ministers outlining their Ministerial responsibilities.

Proactive Disclosure

In 2013, the South Australian Government agreed to make more government held information available to members of the public without requiring them to make a Freedom of Information request.

The following information is proactively published online:

Records of expenditure

The department proactively discloses the following expense records of the Premier, his ministerial staff and our Chief Executive:

  • mobile phone costs
  • credit card expenditure
  • travel expenses
  • ancillary office expenditure.

View the Premier and ministerial staff's expenditure.
View our Departmental expenditure.

Capital works

Details of the department’s expenditure in relation to capital works projects can be found in the Budget Papers.


Details of the department’s contracts with consultants can be viewed on the South Australian Tenders and Contracts website.

Procurement practices

The department uses a procurement governance policy and a process approvals guideline to guide its procurement process.

More information on the procurement requirements of government agencies, can be found on the State Procurement Board website.

Gift register

Details of any gifts to the value of $50 or more that have been offered to our staff, can be found on our Gifts and Benefits Register.

Cabinet documents

Cabinet documents proactively released under “the Ten Year Rule” can be found by on our Access Cabinet Documents page.

Government Advertising Expenditure

Information on Government Advertising Expenditure can be found on our Whole of Government Marketing Communications Expenditure page.