The Government is committed to delivering tangible on-the-ground outcomes, and is developing an Action Plan to create opportunities for Aboriginal jobs and to improve the quality and cost of service delivery to Aboriginal South Australians.

While a change in State Government policy direction means that the Aboriginal Regional Authority Policy will not be pursued, the Government will continue to work in partnership with Aboriginal communities.

For example, the Buthera Agreement with the Narungga Nation is providing capacity-building support for the Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation to drive development, economic enterprise and collaborative engagement with government agencies on Guuranda (Yorke Peninsula).

The Agreement also includes social service strategies covering youth justice, housing, domestic violence, health, child protection and education and cultural studies, all of which are matters the Government will continue to tackle in partnership with the Narungga Nation.

Several activities in the Action Plan will also be place-based, enabling the Government to work in partnership with local Aboriginal Nations to pilot new and innovative activity, which, where successful, will provide a model for implementation across the State.

Aboriginal Regional Authority Policy

The Aboriginal Regional Authority Policy was released by the previous government in 2016.  Six organisations were recognised as Aboriginal Regional Authorities in 2016 and 2017.

The Government will continue to work collaboratively and engage with these groups through implementation of the Action Plan.

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