A tiered approach to building a strong relationship between the government and Aboriginal South Australians.

In July 2017, following a process of consultation, Treaty Commissioner Dr Roger Thomas provided the Government with his report ‘Talking Treaty’, which set recommended steps for a South Australian Treaty-making process.

The report acknowledged the diversity of Aboriginal groups across the state, and the varying capacities and capabilities of groups to enter the Treaty-process. It also set out the importance of ensuring all groups can form a new relationship with government, while building capacity to move to a Treaty-making process.

Based on this advice, the South Australian Government has implemented a tiered approach to relationship-building with Aboriginal South Australians. The tiered approach creates a clear pathway for Treaty while ensuing no Aboriginal group is left behind.

Tiers of support

1. Participation in Aboriginal Nation Building

Aboriginal Nation Building draws on Australian and international best practice examples to provide groups with a better understanding of Nation Building, and support Aboriginal leaders to build self-governing and sustainable institutions. Aboriginal Nation Building will be offered to groups seeking to enter a new relationship with government who would benefit from support to build governance and capacity.

More information about Aboriginal Nation Building

2. Recognition under the Aboriginal Regional Authority Policy

The Aboriginal Regional Authority model supports Aboriginal groups to build robust organisational governance with strong economic potential. Aboriginal Regional Authorities have the opportunity to set priorities, build their capacity through the joint delivery of activities with agencies, and to strengthen their relationship with government. Aboriginal Regional Authorities also receive funding to support their organisational development, and access to Leader to Leader meetings with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation.

More information about the Aboriginal Regional Authority Policy

3. Entering Treaty Negotiations

Aboriginal groups who wish to negotiate a Treaty will have strong organisational governance and capacity, be self-sustaining and have a strong economic base, and demonstrate clear authority to speak on behalf of represented members. They will also have an existing relationship and joint priorities with government, and a clear outline of proposed Treaty outcomes. Treaty groups will negotiate a Treaty with the South Australian Government and access Leader to Leader meetings with relevant Ministers.

More information about entering Treaty Negotiations