The state government’s latest procurement reforms signal a clear win for South Australia’s small businesses, making it easier for them to compete for government contracts.

A coworking desk at Hub Adelaide.

Effective 1 September, the changes will reduce the amount of information businesses need to provide when quoting and tendering for Government work.

Further measures include reducing contract costs for both business and the government, and simplifying tender documents.

The announcement builds on the already strong results to come from the Office of the Industry Participation Advocate, established to remove barriers to participation.

Since then, the number of government goods and services contracts awarded to local suppliers stands at 90 per cent, an increase of more than 40 per cent since 2012-13.

These reforms included:

  • external commercial specialists being required to sit on the procurement committees of major purchasing agencies
  • commercial acumen training for State Government staff
  • the use of spend analytics to identify opportunities for improvement in reporting
  • publishing forward procurement plans for contracts from $220,000, making opportunities more transparent.

In the past 12 months, South Australian subcontractors have been awarded projects worth an estimated $637 million, out of a potential project pool of $698 million.

Image courtesy of Hub Adelaide.