Featured case studies and public value accounts

Rundle MallWe have taken examples of public policy, activities and services in South Australia and applied the public value framework to them to see how they created public value.

A new ticketing system for public transport in Adelaide

In 2012 the government replaced its public transport ticketing system with the Metrocard. The old system was obsolete – parts could not be replaced and it could not cater for new initiatives. The failure rate of the system had reached unacceptably high levels. Read the Metrocard case study to find out how the new ticketing system created public value.

Removing legal discrimination against LGBTIQ people

South Australia has a proud tradition of being at the forefront of law reform to meet changing social values. So when discrimination against individuals from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities remained embedded in legislation and regulations a reform process was needed. Read the LGBTIQ case study to find out how the review and legislative reform created public value for all South Australians.

A new disability justice plan for South Australia

In 2014 the government introduced a Disability Justice Plan which recognised that some people with disability are vulnerable to victimisation and abuse in the community, particularly those with cognitive and/or intellectual disability. Research also shows that those people are over-represented in our prisons. The Disability Justice Plan aimed to make the criminal justice system more accessible and responsive to the needs of people with disability and ensure that people with complex needs are supported and able to assert their rights before the law. Read the Disability Justice Plan case study to find out the how it created a more just South Australia.

Public value accounts

A list of sample public value accounts are included below. Use these samples to help you with your Cabinet submissions.


  • Download: PV Account - London Cycle Hire Scheme.pdf (221.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: PV Account - SIDS.pdf (207.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: PV Account - Urban Forests.pdf (378.0 KB PDF)