Public value is an approach to public sector management that is being implemented across government to support the vision for South Australia to be a place where people and business thrive. It puts citizens at the centre of policy, service design and delivery.

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Public value is created when the following three elements are all present:

  1. Public value – what is the outcome and who is it for?
  2. Legitimacy and support – who do you need to engage to build a satisfactory authorising environment?
  3. Operational capability – how will the outcomes be delivered? What is the cost and what resources are required?

The public value framework provides a way of approaching policy problems and analysing potential initiatives. It articulates in a consistent way, why the policy or service - expenditure of public funds - is justified.

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Public value tools

A number of tools have been developed to help public servants understand and apply public value to their work.

A guide has been developed to explain the public value framework.

You can see how to apply the public value framework to your work by reading our case studies. You can see how to use the public value account of  a Cabinet submission by looking at our sample public value accounts.

All Cabinet submissions require an evaluation of public value. Extensive notes on public value are included in the cabinet submission templates.

Refer to the videos and resources below for more information about public value.

Meningie Foreshore Restoration case study

See how the Meningie Foreshore Restoration created public value for the local community and visitors to the area.

Public value is about governments delivering the best outcomes possible for their citizens. It provides a way of approaching policy and implementation problems and analysing potential initiatives. Public Value: putting citizens at the centre of policy, service design and delivery provides information on how to apply public value across the public sector.

Working Together for Joined-Up Policy Guide is a practical tool for anyone working in policy development in the public sector.  It provides a practical framework for policy makers and their agencies to work together to deliver better policy and service outcomes to all South Australians.

Better Together Principles of Engagement provide a basic reference to good engagement.

Read about the Government's Reforming Democracy agenda here.

Public value fundamentals

An online public value training course has been developed to introduce the fundamental elements of the public value framework, with practical examples to demonstrate how it applies to daily work in the public sector.

If you are a DPC employee, you can find the course on ‘OurDevelopment’. If you are from another government agency, there may be also be a link from your agency's training portal to the online course. If not, contact your training unit to organise access to it.

If you are not a government employee, you can access the online course on the Office for the Public Sector website.