Cabinet processes are currently under review; information, guides, and templates on this site may not be current. Updated information will be provided as soon as possible.

General requirements for Cabinet submissions

Preparing a Cabinet submission

Submissions should be clear and concise and should avoid repetition. They should be no longer than six pages, plus the synopsis and any attachments.

The Cabinet submission template contains instructions on what should be included in submissions.  Submissions also require an evaluation of public value, which is reflected in the template.

If a proposal has a significant impact in a particular area, you will be required to prepare an impact assessment statement. Impact assessment statements cover regulatory impacts, business impacts, family, community, and social impacts, and environmental impacts. The government also has a commitment to prepare and publish regional impact assessment statements setting out the impacts of decisions on regional areas. Once completed, an impact assessment statement must be sent to the relevant agency for comment.

Further information on writing Cabinet submissions, including more details on impact assessments, can be found in Cabinet Guide 5: How to write Cabinet Submissions.

Some Cabinet submissions have additional requirements. You can find more information about these in the guiding text in the submission template that you are preparing.

Any questions can be directed to your portfolio Cabinet Advice Policy Officer.

Cabinet submission attachments checklist

All submissions require a DTF costing comment, obtained through the relevant finance section, and a Cabinet Office comment before being lodged. You should allow a minimum of 10 business days for Cabinet Office and costing comments.

All submissions also require completion of a public value account, found at the end of the template. You can view some sample public value accounts at the bottom of this page.

Submissions for Cabinet Office comments should be emailed to Cabinet Office. Costing comments can be obtained through your finance section.

Use this checklist to ensure you attach all required information to your submission.


  • Download: PV Account - London Cycle Hire Scheme.pdf (221.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: PV Account - SIDS.pdf (207.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: PV Account - Urban Forests.pdf (378.0 KB PDF)