Cabinet Subcommittee considers matters that require Cabinet’s approval but which are not significant enough to warrant discussion at a Cabinet meeting.

Cabinet Subcommittee consists of the Attorney-General and the most junior minister on the order of precedence, and meets before each Cabinet meeting. The matters considered by Cabinet Subcommittee are:


  • Board and committee appointments that are required to be made by the Governor
  • Routine appointments that are required to be made by the Governor
  • Judicial appointments that have been the subject of Cabinet notes
  • Appointment of parliamentary support staff and other parliamentary housekeeping matters requiring formal approval by the Executive Council
  • Appointments to interim vacancies for short periods
  • Ministerial travel and the appointment of acting ministers (specific requirements for ministerial leave and travel are dealt with in Premier’s Guideline: Air Travel by Ministers and their Staff)
  • Appointment of justices of the peace.

Working arrangements and remuneration

  • Acceptance/noting of judges’ resignations
  • Minor or routine changes to the remuneration of board or committee members.

Bills, regulations, proclamations and declarations

  • Approval to introduce Bills that have been drafted in accordance with instructions previously approved by Cabinet
  • Making regulations involving purely technical or routine matters (specific requirements for regulations are dealt with in more detail on the Legislation and Regulations page of this website)
  • Issuing uncontentious proclamations and declarations

Other matters

  • Reference of hospital or university by-laws to the Governor for approval
  • Minor matters where consultation has occurred and recommendations are in line with overall policy or previous in-principle decisions by Cabinet

Subcommittee submission attachments checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you attach all required information to your submission.