The guides on this page provide detailed information on the structure, business and processes of Cabinet and Executive Council.


  • Download: Institutions of Government-Guide 1.pdf (617.8 KB PDF)
  • Download: Policy Development-Guide 2.pdf (260.5 KB PDF)
  • Download: Consultation-Guide 3.pdf (752.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Business - Guide 4.pdf (542.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: How to Write Cabinet Submissions-Guide 5.pdf (623.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Processes-Guide 6.pdf (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Download: Executive Council-Guide 7.pdf (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Committees and Task Forces-Guide 8.pdf (409.1 KB PDF)
  • Download: Machinery of Government-Guide 9.pdf (625.9 KB PDF)