Cabinet is the Government’s central decision-making body comprising all Ministers, including the Premier of South Australia. It has a collective responsibility to make decisions that are in the best strategic interest of the state.

Parliament House

Cabinet meetings

Cabinet is chaired by the Premier and meets weekly.

Ministers bring proposals to Cabinet in the form of Cabinet submissions, which include a recommendation on the action they would like Cabinet to take.

Cabinet submissions cover a range of matters, including proposals to develop new policy or legislation, initiatives and public works with significant costs, major appointments, and partnership agreements for Commonwealth funding.

The role of Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office plays an important role in supporting the Premier as Chair of Cabinet.

There are three areas of focus:

  • Policy and Public Value - across-government policy projects and major reform priorities
  • Security and Emergency Management - strategic security and emergency management policy matters
  • Cabinet Advice - issues of interest to the Premier and Cabinet Ministers; complex policy matters; and coordination of services for the effective and efficient functioning of Cabinet and Executive Council.



For enquiries, refer to the Cabinet Office Contact List (statenet access only) or email Cabinet Office and Public Value.