About the reform

In July 2014, the Premier announced a large scale reform of the government’s 429 boards and committees, to abolish those that were no longer necessary and reform existing boards to create efficiencies, eliminate duplication and improve accountability.

The reform encompassed key government priorities including:

  • improving connection between government and the community and engagement with stakeholders
  • dramatically reducing red tape
  • enhancing productivity and performance
  • improving accountability and governance, and open government.

Consultation and findings

Consultation throughout the reform occurred with boards, stakeholders and the community, and on September 22 the Premier released an interim report outlining the government’s proposed approach. On October 30, the final report was released, outlining the following reforms:

  • abolish: 108
  • merge: 19
  • other reform: 61
  • subject to further investigation: 31
  • reclassify: 120
  • retain in current form: 90

You can view the Premier’s media statement regarding the boards and committees reform. You can also read letters sent by boards and committees about the reform, as well as submissions from interested parties. Please note, letters are being processed and added over a period of time.

To deliver the outcomes identified in the report, the Statutes Amendment (Boards and Committees – Abolition and Reform Act 2015 was brought into operation on 1 July 2015.


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