Fleurieu Peninsula vines, South Australia.

What is an Unsolicited Proposal?

When a business or not-for-profit organisation approaches the government with a proposal that hasn't formally been requested, it’s known as an unsolicited proposal.

The Government of South Australia welcomes unsolicited proposals from the community. We know we don’t have all the ideas and we want to work with the private sector to identify new and innovative ways to drive our state’s development.

Unsolicited proposals can cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • the delivery of services to or on behalf of government
  • the provision of infrastructure
  • access to government assets
  • requests for government support (financial, regulatory or other) to undertake an activity

To ensure the government’s assessment process is transparent and protects the intellectual property rights of applicants, a set of Guidelines for the Assessment of Unsolicited Proposals has been developed.

Learn more about the assessment process, including how to submit an unsolicited proposal .

Unsolicited proposals currently being assessed




Assessment status

Granite Island marine tourism venture

Oceanic Victor Pty Ltd

Granite Island

DEWNR leading Stage Two assessment.

Martindale Hall Tourism Venture

Martindale Hall Partnership

Clare Valley

DEWNR leading assessment

Craft Distillery/Microbrewery

Bickfords Australia

Kingscote Wharf Precinct

DEWNR leading Stage Two assessment

Detonator Manufacturing Facility

Australian Explosive Technologies

Leigh Creek

DSD leading Stage Two assessment


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Phone: (08) 8429 0465
Email: unsolicitedproposals@sa.gov.au