Under theFreedom of Information Act 1991 members of the public have a legal right to access documents held by South Australian government agencies, local government and universities, subject to certain exemptions such as personal privacy, national security or public safety.

A comprehensive overview of how freedom of information operates in South Australia is available from State Records.

The purpose of the Act is to make the business of government open and accountable to the public. The Department of the Premier and Cabinet fully supports the objectives and spirit of the Act.

Structure and functions of the department

The functions of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet affect the public both directly, in the form of service delivery to the community, and indirectly, through the department's policy and strategic management activities. These activities result in the department having an input into the wide range of government programs and initiatives.

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Documents held by the department

Documents held by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet fall broadly into the categories described below. While most are available in hard copy, it should be noted that some are only available electronically.

The categories include:

  • corporate files containing correspondence, memoranda and minutes on all aspects of the department's operations
  • policies, procedures and guidelines prescribing the way various activities and programs are to be performed
  • personnel files relating to the department's employees
  • accounting and financial reports relating to the running of the department
  • departmental annual reports, strategic plans and policy reports
  • Premier and Cabinet circulars, codes of conduct, Commissioner's Circulars and determinations
  • minutes of meetings and terms of reference
  • documents relating to the functions of the department's divisions
  • information relating to employment,  graduate recruitment, indigenous employment strategies and the notice of vacancies

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Making an application

Applications requesting access to documents must be made in writing and can take 30 days to process.  You may choose to write your own letter of request, or download the FOI application form.

In making an application, ensure you:

  • specify that the application is made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991
  • include a $33.50 application fee (exemptions apply for Members of Parliament and pensioners or health card holders)
  • specify an address in Australia to which information can be sent
  • clearly identify the documents being sought or the matter to which they pertain
  • specify whether the documents contain information of a personal nature
  • specify the desired type of access to the document, such as inspection of the document at an arranged location or having a copy made

Application to review a determination

If you are refused access to a document (either in part, or full) you will be informed of the reasons why and advised of your rights to seek a review or appeal.

Download the application form to review a freedom of information determination (decision).

Applications under the Act should be forwarded to:

The Accredited FOI Officer
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 2343
Telephone: (08) 8226 2768
Email: dpcfoiunit@dpc.sa.gov.au

Contact details for Ombudsman SA:
8226 8699
Toll Free: 1800 182 150 (within SA)
Email: ombudsman@ombudsman.sa.gov.au

Contact details for the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT):
Phone: 1800 723 767 (and press menu option 2)
Email: sacat@sacat.sa.gov.au